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The Dust Bunnies Adventure Show

Ray Gutierrez Jr.

The Dust Bunnies Adventure show is a podcast exploring STEM geared/social and cultural acceptance. It introduces children to microbiology and culture through adventures in the microscopic world with organisms that live there interwoven with social acceptance story lines for children between the ages of 4 through 8. With the lack of social tolerance evident in the world today children need to be taught at a young age that our differences is what makes us all unique and beautiful. Our main goal is not only to introduce children to the new frontier of the microbiology world and the creatures that live there but to teach social tolerance. In the hopes that we can eliminate the horrors committed against one another because of our color, race and creed.The Dust Bunnies are a group of furballs, Honey, Love, Buttercup, and Princess, that dwell in the microscopic world of a toy store living and exploring a vast new world while, introducing creatures and environments that are normally invisible to the human eyes. The gang is growing up in a multi-cultural environment where each creature co-exists positively, even though, they are distinctly different in many ways. Much like the diversity that exists within the world today, the dust bunnies mirror our own social environment where they too are exposed to different cultures. The Dust Bunnies serve as a gateway that will lead to social acceptance for all by teaching the viewer the wonders and beauty of those that are different from us .At the end of each episode, there will be a brief introduction of all the microscopic creatures that the dust bunnies met in the episode. Although the microscopic world and its inhabitants can appear to be frightening and alien under a microscopic lens The Dust Bunnies Adventure show create a warm and appealing environment, explaining that a microscope only captures the shapes of the creatures, not the full essence of them or their world much like Plato’s theory of forms that asserts that the physical realm is only a shadow of the true reality. For more information on the dust bunnies and lesson plans please contact us at [email protected] Ray Gutierrez

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